Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Because I was determined , I finished the climbing wall.
Although it was raining , we had to go for a run.
Before we went tramping , we had to pack our lunch.

Serial sentences

Meg batted,Phoebe bowled and Craig ran to get the ball.
Zoe E hit the volley ball, Meg smashed it over the net and all the girls cheered.
In the caves crayfish swam weta’s crawled and Millie screamed.

Interrupter sentences

The crayfish swam ,crystal clear water, in the caves.
We swam by yellow cliffs,big and strong, formed decades ago.
We walked, quite slowly, through the Manawatu Gorge.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diamante poem 1

Peak trail blazer
sticking together
finally the end

Sense poem 1

As I walk along the beach I see, the big blue waves crashing down onto the water below I feel, my dog brush against my leg as the salty wind blows in my face I hear, The seagulls squawking and the little foamy waves gushing onto the sand I taste, lollies,ice creams and slushies galore I smell the fish my granddad and brother just gutted.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My winter poem

Winter is here so wrap up warm
It usually rains and sometimes SNOWS !
Trying to get the warmest seat in the house
Every day we hope the sun comes out
Rain just about every hour

We wrap up in our nice snuggly warm sheets
Early in the morning the wind is as cold as ice
A lot of the time my Mum makes me wear a jacket
Trying to get the fire started
Having to make cups of tea and cups of cocoa just about every hour
Every time I go outside in the morning frost is everywhere

Rain rain I love rain

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My Poem


Super cool


Here lies Mary-o-dear
One day she visited her friend Claire
Fell down the stairs and hit her head
Now she is definitely dead

Friday, 1 May 2015

The beach was usual enough it had
An Ocean, A dairy, A shop, A pohutukawa tree that I liked to climb and even a long sandy path I never went down.
My brother, my brother’s friend and I did what kids do wrestled in the blue ocean, played tennis in the bright  summer sun, Relaxed while watching a movie in the boiling hot tent ,fished like crazy until we had enough fish to bring home and climbed the steep rocks trying not to fall in the water

Doing nothing Important